Sunday, 30 December 2012

2013. New Year's Resolutions.

Hello my lovely readers out there. I hope you're having a great time and maybe making a little space in between your day to look back at 2012. 
And it's time. Yes, everybody knows what time it is: to make plans and set goals and rise your expectations for what is to come. 

I... wish I could say that I am not the type of person who is comfortable sharing their resolutions but even though that is half-time true, they do become more real just by being out here. 
With no more introduction, behold a long post. 
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1. Daily Entries.- I know there is a certain type of girls who are drawn to diaries. I know that they are thought to be a terrible idea. I also know that they are a great way to keep track of your memories. I am the type who has tried for a couple of years to make a diary work. Maybe you'd know by my photo-a-day failure that is isn't as easy but... here goes another try.

2. Blogging.- Another thing I have been trying for a while that comes with a little bit of effort. I'll try to think of it as family for my diary. I want to see this grow and I hope I can achieve that this year.
  |_ A little side note to the blogging section. I also wish to see my post posted in two languages. Spanish and English. It's something I've longed for a while but whenever I try to rewrite it, I end up changing the way the message it's written! Oops.

3. Quality pics. + pics.- Well, how on earth am I gonna work out the one mentioned before without visuals?

4. My reading challenge. I have been setting myself a number of books to read for a few years now and I know for some, it may be nothing while for others out there, that may be too much. So... 18 books this year.

5. Skirts and dresses... over jeans.- I am a sucker for Jeans. Whenever I have to dress for school -where it's cold and you find yourself in the need to sit on the floor...- oh well, you get the image. I'd like to change that.

6. Head over heels.- I have a little something for shoes. I find myself constantly drawn to all type of shoes. Lately, they've been ankle boots and shoes with some sort of heel. If I'm willing to get 'em, I'm willing to wear them.

7&8. Fitness and Sleep.- Easy: workout more often, sleep earlier.

9. More bows.- Shine, shine my girly side.

10. Save Up.- It's got to be done.

11. Take it easy.- Last but not least... I have to try and give up my taste for soda. It's not good for your body! -who knew, huh? lol.
And that is it! Yes! You made it through until the very end. There was one image left without any explanation but I seriously doubt it needs any.

Do you know your resolutions? Are you willing to share? 
If you are, be sure to leave me a response or a link so I get to know. 

Happy New Year and read you later!

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