Tuesday, 26 February 2013

And the Oscar goes to...

Okay, I know you might be getting this absolutely everywhere but while the memory remains fresh -as well as the topic- I'd like to share my thoughts, rants and absolute love for this year's Academy Awards.

For the first category, Best Dressed of the night. 

1) Jennifer Lawrence.- The falling queen, the girl on fire. I was very happy that she won. 
2Amanda.- I was not a fan of the color of her dress. It looked grayish- pearly, snow white sometimes but she did look stunning, it somehow shows of her beauty.
 3) Charlize.- I am not a fan of the short hair but she... she made the right choices. Simply and perfect.
 4) Kristen- I know she's not as loved but I think she looked great. 
5Jennifer A.  6) Amy Adams.- She has been nominated more than once, I believe. Maybe someday. In the meantime, show off. I liked the bold choices of her and Jennifer, for almost everyone chose flat dresses rather than more proper gowns, I think. 

Second category: Peculiar Choices.
Anne. - Winner of the particular choices. I just wasn't a fan of the whole 'business in the front, party in the back'.  Glad she won, tho. 
I wish I could write more but this is it for girls! 
Do leave your comments below, hope you watched, enjoyed and... see you later! 

Sunday, 24 February 2013

What Up?

And welcome back! Yes, so soon. 
I had to share a new pair of shoes... a pair I probably didn't need. Probably, you never know!
 I had been eyeing the babies for a while and finally, I found them at a steal price, only two pairs left and... one was my size!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Fashion Inspiration.

Ugh, I have been so busy with school this week and... oh dear! There's more to come!
However, I wanted to make this small inspiration post, which I don't do often enough.

I had a speech today, a presentation about... fashion! And I am still feeling in the mood so I thought I'd come by from my absence -I have a few goodies that I haven't photographed yet.. oops!- feeling inspired.
I think I never mention confidence but it's not my area of expertise. I wore a bright, electric, cobalt blue hat to school today and felt a little bit out of town but gladly, by the end of the day -after my presentation- I felt good. One should always feel good. 

I hope you had a lovely day and have a great weekend!


 PS. Random Fandom. Today a new Catching Fire poster of the Tribute's Tour came out. Super excited.

Catching Fire poster.

New Catching Fire poster!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Belated Valentine.

Oh well, Valentine's, also known as the redish-pink day/ week, is gone. Yup, here and gone.
That somehow talks of the end of February, which is now approaching. SAD FACE.:(

As for what I did on February 14, I dressed up in bright, blinding red -a dress I bought a year ago and had never worn before. Oh golly, shame on me. -I remember actually picking it up about the beginning of February in the sales, thinking I would use it for Valentine's... a year ago!
I finally got around to do it. I never dress in such bold colors but I thought that anything was better than keeping something I could use.
I shyly made up my mind and I am glad I did. By the end of the day I felt comfortable and my lovely friends have something to do with that.
However, I remained shy and I couldn't possibly take a picture of the outfit to share it with you.

Also, to give to my friends (some of whom I married, btw. There was a marrying booth, yes!) I tried the 'Rice Krispy'... shall I call them cookies? Yummy Treats. I thought myself brilliant enough to mix the recipe and try with another cereal, a chocolate cereal.
I also didn't take any pictures. Oops! So I leave you with a 'how they should have turned out' picture found on Pinterest.
Hmm. I wished they had turned softer though and having a heart shaped cutter would have helped!

How did you spend Valentine's? Do you even celebrate it?
Have a lovely weekend!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Will you be my Valentine?

Hellooo guys! 
Guess what? Well, I'm pretty sure all of you know that Valentine's is later this week and someone -try me- can't help but being a little too excited.

I know what everyone says about Valentine's. That it's a commercial day and that you should love everyone and share your feelings every single day of forever. I know! I believe that too, but there's nothing wrong with taking the opportunity to get a little too romantic. ;)
Yes, even if you are spending it with friends, family or just yourself!

My Valentine's Day Movie Picks!
1. Ten Things I Hate About You.
2. Valentine's Day...

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Mini Cake.

Hey-yo! Goodness, I have no idea of what the heck is that supposed to mean. Hello, I hope.
I'm not usually the type of human who likes to make things public but... oh well! I do have a lovely picture and I consider this blog a photo-diary. And this is something I wish to remember.

Yesterday -or maybe a few days back, depending on when you're reading-was my birthday and I received a beautiful charm in form of a cake.
I really, really like it. It's a little heavy to be a bracelet charm but perfect for a necklace. Some people may consider it a bit childish but I think it's absolutely perfect.

And that is about it! I'm a year older, lovelies.
______Have a lovely day!_______

No soy el tipo de humano que gusta de hacer las cosas públicas pero... oh bueno! Tengo una foto y considero éste dominio un diario-fotográfico y esto califica como algo que no quiero olvidar.

Ayer -o hace un par de días- celebré mi cumpleaños y recibí como parte de mis regalos un hermoso dije en forma de pastel.
En verdad me gusta. Es un poco pesado para ser dije de pulsera pero sirve perfecto para collar. Sé que algunas personas lo consideran algo infantil pero yo lo creo perfecto.

Y eso es todo. Soy un año más grande. 
¡Tengan un buen día!