Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas Newbies.

As many of you lovely readers out may notice, it is a busy week for the blogosphere. It has been a week since Christmas -well, nearly!- and New Year's is just about to be. Many blogs are doing their updates on their resolutions and... Christmas! Everywhere you look you'll be able to find the food, the outfits, the stories and the people.
I wish I had food pic's to share but honestly, the food didn't even last that long on the table -oops!- nor am I good at making food justice through a picture.

Anyways, I do love reading the so called 'what I got for Christmas' so... why not? Just a few snaps.

Btw, on another note... I am going crazy over the design of the blog and have been trying to make some changes. So, don't be scared.

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