Thursday, 3 January 2013

Life Lately.

So, 2013 is here and I do hope you had an amazing time -maybe fun that doesn't involve forgetting the night.- and... we're getting back on track over here.

Sadly, along with the New Year, I have to go back to school sooner or later. Sooner, I'd say since I'm going back on Monday. 
I am left to enjoy what's left of the break -nothing but a day: tomorrow- and eat, and watch movies and read. But not everything's grey because I also get some shopping done -sales, anyone?- and some intense shoe craving.

1. Newbies. I've been eyeing the babies forever. 2 Staying cozy, being sick. 3. What I love about the New Year, new calendars.

I'll be talking to you later, right now I'll go drink some more ponche -sweet, sweet heaven- and watch Funny Face for the second time. 
How was been your life lately?


  1. Lovely post! I'm following youuu!


  2. my school starts in two days and it sucks :(