Thursday, 6 December 2012

Photo-a-day Challenge. Day 6!

So you're back! So am I to bring you another picture and a brief explanation of my day today.
I was quite comfortable today because I spent nearly the whole day at home because I only had a class today. Yes, only one!
Sorry, no complaints about that. I spent the cold morning watching the same movie all over and over again and new 'Vlogmas' videos on Youtube with a warm cup of tea. But skipping the details and straight unto...

today's photo! Shopping. Oh, such marvelous activity! Haha. I actually am watching as I write 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'. I know it's not quite the Holiday movie but Becky and the other characters are quite over dressed the whole movie and in my mind, it fits every single season.

And even though I have gotten a few newbies, I decided on the Christmas Tree search-photo! There's finally a tree in the house! Even though I cheated because the tree was bought yesterday, the day I took the photograph. Besides, I bought nothing today and it's Christmas what's important!
It was actually hard to find a tree because they were sold out or nearly sold out the first two places we went but as you can see, the third still had where to chose from. It still has no decorations but I think you'll get to see it sooner or later. 

That's it. I feel like I have been speaking forever. Have you got a tree? Natural or not? I'd like to know!

 Have a nice day!

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