Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Photo-a-day Challenge. Day 4.


Wow, that is something. I am doing two different challenges and being honest, I forgot the theme. I have failed in such way, it's like dying in the Hunger Games just as you enter. I don't even know if I survived the Cornucopia....

 I guess I didn't because I had no post for day 1 and 2.
Nor do I have a photo for today but I do have a post, which might help.

I had no idea of today's topic but knowing it didn't change things very much. I still don't know what would I photograph for Joyous. If you did, please leave a link down so I can understand the idea.

But as a feeling that can't be held up in an image, at least no place else besides my brain, I felt that today. 
I felt joyous. I felt happy and bubbly and warm inside, as I do sometimes when I'm with my friends. I felt light. Like light and weightless. I feel... joyous. I feel the season, the cold but there is something else I wish I knew how to explain. I felt and I feel this.
It is special and tomorrow will be special too. 

And I hope tomorrow I will have a photo for you! 

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