Sunday, 9 December 2012

Photo-a-day Challenge. Day 8&9!

Welcome back!

Random intro rant:
I was reading this magazine I got for free at a conference the other day and it came out like early November and it already said that winter was over but we still had time, a little bit of time, to rock our winter clothing.
What? When did that happen? There was no remedy but laughter because I am one of those girls who enjoy winter instead of summer. And winter officially begins on December 21. So... not over yet!

Apart from that, I've been home all day, sneezing around and feeling sick all day long! Yup but I managed to get my pictures taken and... read. I was quite excited for the topic! Oh, so much fun! Now, the pics.

Ornaments. Hmm. I must say... we do have a tree now but sadly, it's naked. The poor fellow has no decorations! That sucks! It only has lights, the one shown in the picture. Snowflake lights, what else is there?

Day 9. Something you're reading. Right now and later. I will only say that I really need to take that Gossip Girl book of the TBR pile. It's a holiday read, I think. I've had it for two years. I will try to read it fast and get over it and then onto classics. I have to, I must.

And that's it for today dear readers! I hope the pictures get better because the ornament one just turned out horrible and I wanted them mixed together. I don't know!
Hope you have a good week and later!


  1. thank you for following my blog... yours is great!

    1. Thank you so much and looking forward new entries!