Monday, 3 December 2012

Photo-a-day Challenge. Day 3.

Hello! I have no idea how -well, I do- but I am updating you before school. 
The Photo-a-day challenge has been going... slow. I know, sorry. Oops! 
You're still getting day two, later today -I hope!- but we can pretty much forget about Day 1. The First Day of December was quite boring, spent doing laundry and feeling sick -flu, you know? It surprises no one on cold days. 
Today, day 3 is all about my new Cd. Taylor's newest album, RED  which I received Nov. 24!  Fits perfectly the description! And I apologize for the poor quality of the picture, I hope I'll get better pictures every other day but it is easier for me just to take pictures with my cellphone. It just gets the job done. 

Anyways, I'm leaving. Have a nice day and... see you later!

By the way, are you doing a December photo challenge? Even if it's not the same, I would love to see! 
Feel free to leave your blog and I'll come round!

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