Saturday, 30 March 2013

Spring Break.

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Hellou, hello and Happy Easter!
I am not quite sure of what one is supposed to do on Easter, for in my culture it has nothing to do with eggs and bunnies. However, I find that quite cute.
For example, I am going back to school tomorrow, Monday. :(  Boo! Sad but true, Easter marks the end of my so called 'Spring Break' which is more like Spring Week.
I am not sure how long does Spring Break last... please share it with me in the comment section, for I'd like to know!

Anyways, I ain't gonna complain. This week was about every single thing. I dressed... (not up for I haven't worn a dress not a single day! What a lazy lady I am. Not proud) well, I have been sporting brighter colors, coral, mint, white and even now, a blinding bright cherry red tee. Life's good.

It has been getting warm around here and I fear it's going to be hell by summer. It's quite confusing for we get to boil like eggs in a pan by midday, while the mornings and late evenings remain chilly and cold.
Boy, am I good to take the exit. I was meaning to share my week with you guys, which was travelling to a close City to visit the Family and going... shoe shopping! I found two pairs (and a thousand others that didn't make it home) that blew my mind. They're absolutely perfect. I also managed to get a few books (which I may share later in a haul... I love those) and a lovely spring dress.

On the not-so-bright side, I have homework, a horrible amount. A heavy amount and still, not done. Procrastinate much, I think! So with that, I leave you hoping you'll share your break-do's with me and Happy Easter!

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