Sunday, 10 February 2013

Will you be my Valentine?

Hellooo guys! 
Guess what? Well, I'm pretty sure all of you know that Valentine's is later this week and someone -try me- can't help but being a little too excited.

I know what everyone says about Valentine's. That it's a commercial day and that you should love everyone and share your feelings every single day of forever. I know! I believe that too, but there's nothing wrong with taking the opportunity to get a little too romantic. ;)
Yes, even if you are spending it with friends, family or just yourself!

My Valentine's Day Movie Picks!
1. Ten Things I Hate About You.
2. Valentine's Day...

3. Clueless.
4. Wild Child.
(A few extras: The Notebook, He's Not That Into You, Water for Elephants and Remember Me.)

Get festive!
 I tried a Nail Tutorial, something I've never done before. The results were rather satisfying but I could use some practice!

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