Sunday, 24 February 2013

What Up?

And welcome back! Yes, so soon. 
I had to share a new pair of shoes... a pair I probably didn't need. Probably, you never know!
 I had been eyeing the babies for a while and finally, I found them at a steal price, only two pairs left and... one was my size!
 When I first saw them they reminded me of the Converse flag shoes, which even though they were beautiful -and came in the Union Jack- were out of my budget. 

In other news... it's Oscar's night tonight! Will you be watching? I certainly will, specially now that I've just seen 'Les Misérables' and fell in love with... well the singing for I am a fan of musicals, Hugh Jackman's charm but being honest my highlight would have to be Marius and Cosette, even Éponine.
And this Eddy guy is terribly handsome!
Found on tumblr search. 
That's all for now, do have a lovely weekend!

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