Saturday, 16 February 2013

Belated Valentine.

Oh well, Valentine's, also known as the redish-pink day/ week, is gone. Yup, here and gone.
That somehow talks of the end of February, which is now approaching. SAD FACE.:(

As for what I did on February 14, I dressed up in bright, blinding red -a dress I bought a year ago and had never worn before. Oh golly, shame on me. -I remember actually picking it up about the beginning of February in the sales, thinking I would use it for Valentine's... a year ago!
I finally got around to do it. I never dress in such bold colors but I thought that anything was better than keeping something I could use.
I shyly made up my mind and I am glad I did. By the end of the day I felt comfortable and my lovely friends have something to do with that.
However, I remained shy and I couldn't possibly take a picture of the outfit to share it with you.

Also, to give to my friends (some of whom I married, btw. There was a marrying booth, yes!) I tried the 'Rice Krispy'... shall I call them cookies? Yummy Treats. I thought myself brilliant enough to mix the recipe and try with another cereal, a chocolate cereal.
I also didn't take any pictures. Oops! So I leave you with a 'how they should have turned out' picture found on Pinterest.
Hmm. I wished they had turned softer though and having a heart shaped cutter would have helped!

How did you spend Valentine's? Do you even celebrate it?
Have a lovely weekend!

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