Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Our own version of Black Friday.

Hello! I must confess, I have been weak and...  I went shopping -wohoo!- it is so exciting, what I got but at the same time, I can't help thinking- God, I shouldn't. I will share the newbies soon enough.
I must say, I like to remain neutral when talking about certain topics, but I have to say, contrary to other opinions, I think our 'Buen Fin' -Hello, Mexico!-  well, it doesn't get as chaotic, nor do we get the nearly everything-clearance- deals; however, it is a good deal for most good shoppers. There, that's all! I'm leaving to you.

Anyways, I was watching around with a girl around 10- the day I went shopping- and she was watching this necklace, she turned it around to see the price and her eyes went round. She even jumped a little bit. I looked at her and feared the worst. I was expecting for her to turn it around and leave it behind but she looked at me with a smile while she put it down and said:
-It is so cheap!
I was confused. I looked at her- C'mon, tell me. How much?- My mind went from expensive to bargain, mode.
She said the price. It was three times -or four- what I would pay for a necklace and to justify her thinking she said.- Well, it's not an outstanding amount. It's not 700 or anything.
She turned around and kept looking. There I was, frowning and all, surprised by the little shop-aholic!

Later, later! See you around!

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