Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Fall/ Autumn. I have no idea why! Where I live -have a map? Find United States. Not hard! Now go down, down. Yes, around the middle. There!- it's always hot and the idea of fall is the chilly weather and the falling leaves and... well. I don't get to see that just yet but I have my hopes up!
Meanwhile, I have to suffer the heat throughout the day and the cold mornings and rainy evenings. (What?!)

Up to.
Loads of homework. Ironically, that's what brought me back to blogging. I need a mind break from a job that I cant finish! Ugh.
In other news, I am terribly tempted to try the Photo a Day challenge for October! I think I might in and just do it. I found this specific one in tumblr.

I am running behind schedule for my reading list but I hope to finish my books.
History book for school, The Great Gatsby and Night Circus. 

Series, series, series.
Once Upon A Time, anyone? Yes! I can't help my love for Fairytales and the new season just premiered! Yay!
Glee is also back even for a little while and I went out the other day and saw Season 3 of the Vampire Diaries. I first read the books around October, a few years back and I can't help getting excited to see it! I fell back and lost track but I think I might try it again!

Found on the OUAT Facebook page! 

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