Saturday, 13 October 2012

Mid Fall Wishlist.

Mid Fall Wishlist.

Mcq by alexander mcqueen
$1,880 -


Bardot denim vest
$82 -

Veda leather skirt

Skater skirt

Red skirt

Miso skater skirt
$45 -

Paprika short skirt
$11 -

Ash black boots
$465 -

High heels
$115 -

Mid heel boots


  1. Thanks for your comment on the converse, it's always good to get different views and opinions! I've asked a few people since doing the post and they also mentioned they get quite uncomfortable. I'm in two minds now as I wanted a shoe for my trip and I know I'll be walking a fair bit - but I wanted more of a trainer rather than a walking boot if that makes sense? Need to keep checking I think!

    I'm a sucker for those skirts - especially the navy one, it's lovely!

  2. i love the paprika short skirt