Monday, 14 May 2012

Wish you could go back and tell yourself what you know now.

Haven't wrote anything since that last very enthusiastic entry, telling I'd try and bring this blog back to life. Well, I decided to give it yet, another-shot. Tsk.

I was talking with my close friend about going to our old school, and I immediately thought, what will I wear? I scratched the easy away. No blue, ordinary jeans. No way.
Whenever I go back, I dress in the same colors as used in the school uniform. Blue. Not bright, not light, not neon, not pastel. Simply. Blue.
I, of course, will not take the risk of dressing in another color for I don't like to be seen. But I may be willing to wear a dress that goes more on the risky side. Something... I fancy.
I hid myself there, in school, for only so long as it lasted. I think, now, that I do not belong there anymore, I may as well remember it. I don't belong there.

Even if people think they've seen my face somewhere around there.

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